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Commercial Tinting Services : Large or Small
Metro Tint professionals are experienced in both applications for small business and for large multi-level commercial structures that require coordinated efforts with architects and engineers.

Savings, Comfort and Aesthetics
Heat, glare and fading are the three most common complaints business owners and property managers tell us they are experiencing when they come to us for help. Ever-increasing energy costs can be significantly decreased by the installation of window films.


We have films that reduce solar energy by up to 79%. That translates into big savings over time. Most people don't realize that window films not only keep air conditioning costs down in the summer, but also heating costs lower in the winter by insulating the glass and reflecting radiant heat back into the room or office.

Employees that are fighting glare on computer screens and from windows that are east, south, and west-facing can be more efficient when working in a comfortable, glare-free office. A business with solar control window film on it's windows tends to look architecturally more complete.

With the large selection of films that we offer, we can address the demands of your office space. For information please contact us or call us at 503.222.2259

Let's Save Some Money
Did You Know?
Case Studies

Don't Replace Your Windows

A cost-effective alternative to window replacement, LLumar Energy Saving Window Film increases window effciency and may lower your energy costs by as much as 15%. Plus, using LLumar may help you qualify for LEED® credits.

Take the One Minute Challenge

To pre-qualify your building for energy efficiency and savings with window film,

take the One Minute ChallengeTM at

See Window Tinting in Action

Use this guide to see the light transmission on different window films. Click here

- Applying a clear, heat rejecting window film will help cut your cooling costs while making your dining room more comfortable. Use only high quality window film installed by a qualified professional.


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