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Residential Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film can add texture, color and pattern to an otherwise boring glass wall, or window.
Gain Privacy with Frosted Window Tint
Frosted window tint is great for creating a professional looking, private space. It gives privacy without the loss of your natural light. This type of window tinting comes in different colors and textures to help create the design look you are going for.  Additionally, frosted window tint helps reduce the appearance of finger prints and you can clean it like you would regular glass.
Window Film with Pattern or Texture
Create a bold look with patterned or textured window films. These window films help bring the feel of expensive designer glass without the designer price tag.
Your options are really limitless with decorative films. You can use color and patterns, overlap patterns for a custom look, diffuse light and black it out all together. Whatever your need is Metro Tint can offer a solution.
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